--------------------------Hailing from the den of terror; I am Israel's demographic threat----------------------------

If my freedom is at the expense of others, take it. It’s not freedom at all.

I’ve said this a million times, but a million and one won’t hurt.

We tend to glorify children way too much. We admire their bravery, post their pictures, talk about how they stood up against whatever oppression. We glorify them and attribute superhero traits and forget their essence, their childhood, the trauma behind all that bravery. We focus so much on their courage and we forget they shouldn’t have that much courage to start with. They shouldn’t be facing oppression. They’re fucking children, probably traumatised, hurt, scared and scarred for life. They are human beings, not superheroes. Even if they like to wear capes and pretend otherwise. This applies to most people resisting oppression, not just exclusive to children.

Ass bruise. I have a bruise on that runs down my entire back thigh because an Israeli border policeman kicked me on it whilst protesting. It actually ended up being shaped like Palestine. The awkward moment when even our bruises rebel.Suck balls you asscrack border policeman wherever you are.

International solidarity with Palestine: personal observations →

Since the very beginning of international activism, there has always been a fine line between solidarity and victimisation, especially when it comes to the Palestinian cause. When internationals begin to learn and understand more about the horrendous acts of colonial Israel, it may motivate several to mobilise in order to shine more light on these crimes against humanity; however that does not make any international a spokesperson for the Palestinians, nor does it mean they should continue to treat Palestinians as inferiors .As a Palestinian, it must be made clear: we have a voice of our own and we do not need people to speak on our behalf, we are not mute and we refuse to be silenced.  Therefore, it’s crucial to understand that by taking a position to speak on behalf of the Palestinians one is also committing the act of silencing Palestinians. If you want to show solidarity, then act as an echo rather than a voice for the call of liberation and justice.” By Mariam Barghouti


at Rome, Italy


Holy mother of all

I just remembered I had tumblr. 

This here is what Zionists would call a “self-hating Jew” 
I’d just call him intelligent. 

Bessan Abueliash on the left, and Adva Bak on the right. both of these girls went to the same peace camp ( Creativity for peace) in the United state. Bessan Abuelaish was killed four years ago, alongside her two sisters and cousin by an Israeli attack on her home in Gaza.
Adva Bak, who recently got in the Military, posted this photo on Facebook a few days ago saying ” now I’m in Military, you can sleep in peace.” 
بيسان يسار الصورة وأدفا على يمينها، شاركتا سوياً في معسكر سلام (ابداع من أجل السلام) في الولايات المتحدة. 
بيسان استشهدت في الحرب على غزة هي واثنتين من شقيقاتها وابنة عمها في قصف الاحتلال لمنزلها.
أدفا دخلت الجيش الاسرائيلي وقبل عدة أيام نشرت صورتها على فيسبوك باللباس العسكري قائلة لاصدقائها : أنا الان في الجيش يمنكم النوم بسلام 

via Campaign of Exposing Israeli Crimes via Social Media

In current times, I think that voting is just another mechanism to let people really believe that they actually have a voice, you know, because they voted. The people in Armani suits are laughing.

Netanyahu talking about African Jewish immigrants coming to Israel under the Law of Return

[They] “threaten our existence as a Jewish and democratic state”.

Not racist, not one bit. 

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